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One of the more common after-hours emergency presentations that we see is the dog that has unexpectedly experienced a seizure. The excited owner calls us in a panic and loads the dog into the car and brings it in for us to evaluate. Usually, by the time it gets to our clinic the seizure is […]


The obese dog and weight loss

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I recently saw three young dogs in one evening that were so morbidly obese that they are in danger of having severe health problems if they don’t lose a significant amount of weight as rapidly as possible. We see a lot of cats and dogs with weight issues. It’s common. It’s common among pet owners, […]

Sago palm.


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Poisonings – known, suspected, or possible – are one of the more common reasons for people to call an emergency hospital. We get frequent phone calls from people whose pet has been seen chewing on a particular plant. Is it poisonous? The pet has eaten a tablet or capsule of the owner’s personal medication that […]