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A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around
three times before lying down.
 ― Robert Benchley

Technical information presented in a language and a format that lay people can understand? That's the whole idea behind these books and videos. Whether it's medical information for those situations where there is no veterinarian around to help, or ideas for helping your dog adjust to its upcoming life aboard a boat or RV, here it is... in simple, straightforward language that you can understand.


Pet Care Books

wherethereisnoWhere There Is No Pet Doctor --  THE reference source for offshore and nearshore cruisers and for those who find themselves in remote circumstances and needing veterinary advice when no veterinarian is available.

If you cruise in desolate locations or otherwise find yourself far from the convenience of conventional veterinary care when traveling with your pets, consider this book. It is helpful before you leave by providing practical suggestions for preparing your pet for entry into foreign countries, while it provides useful ideas and advice for dealing with health problems while underway. You may also find it useful if you are cruising aboard your RV in parts unknown and encounter a problem. The reader does not need a medical dictionary to read this book. It doesn't get bogged down in technical terminology at the expense of the reader. Where There Is No Pet Doctor includes a listing of recommendations for drugs and supplies to keep on hand along with suggested treatments and a drug formulary which may allow you to use some human medications right out of your personal first aid kit if needed in a pinch.


Pets On Board? Adapting Your Pet to Travel By Boat or RV - In my on-line classes and my boat show seminars, the single most common question I always got from those who were moving aboard with their dog was "How do I get my dog to eliminate on board the boat?" This book deals with that and much more. If you are just starting to think about heading out with the dog or the cat, then Pets On Board? will help you get them acclimated to travel in a boat or aboard a motorhome. It will help you adjust your pet to a pet carrier, then from there to the car or RV, and ultimately deals with acclimating and adjusting to life aboard a boat. Pets On Board? devotes an entire section to a step-by-step method to get your dog to go to the bathroom on board your boat, along with other suggested resources and ideas. It's a simple little book with a lot of information. Check it out.


Pet Care Videos


Veterinary Care for Your Dog  -  Where There Is No Pet Doctor - A video supplement to the Where There Is No Pet Doctor bookThis video will show you how it's done with the next best thing to a live demonstration. A picture is worth a thousand words....  Read about it in the book first.... then with the video you can SEE how it's done before you do it!




As with the above dog video, this too will show you how it's done. With my video supplement to the book, a picture is worth a thousand words....  Read about it in the book first.... then you can SEE how it's done before you do it!

Also by Captain Doctor Dave

IHOPcoverjpg Island Hopping to the Caribbean - Florida to the Northern Caribbean - by David and Annie LaVigne — (This book is not a pet care book.)
 It is the popular introductory book on what you need to know to make the upwind trip from Florida to the Caribbean. It includes a brief narrative of our sailing trip from Florida down to the Caribbean. Presented from the viewpoint of novice cruisers in a way that will help you decide if this trip might be worth further consideration. We give you those essential references and cruising aids, present suggestions for equipment, talk about what we did wrong, and how we would do it if we did it over again. It's a light but, we think, enjoyable read.



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