Island Hopping to the Caribbean

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IHOPcoverjpgIsland Hopping to the Caribbean – Florida to the Northern CaribbeanIsland Hopping to the Caribbean - Florida to the Northern Caribbean – By David and Annie LaVigne (This book is NOT a veterinary or pet care book.)

For a few years at boat shows on all four coasts of the U.S. and at cruiser get-togethers and gams I offered a very popular seminar on how Annie and I island-hopped our way to the Caribbean. Subsequently that seminar evolved into a very popular on-line webinar offered through SevenSeasU, the online educational arm of the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA). Even before the on-line course, this book, which was a handy supplement to the material offered in the course, had proven itself to be very popular among those considering a trip to the Caribbean.

In contrast to the 12 to 14 days offshore trip from the Chesapeake or Carolina coasts, Annie and I opted for the much slower, much more relaxing and scenic route down through the islands of the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to the Spanish, U.S., and the British Virgin Islands and ultimately on dowUYn to the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. Island Hopping to the Caribbean provides that information along with some additional cruising information, all presented from the viewpoint of novice cruisers in a way that may help you decide if this trip might be worth further consideration in your own future.

This route obviously eliminates the long, sometimes tedious, sometimes exciting offshore passage of the traditional bluewater route. On the other hand the island hopping trip presents challenges of its own. In addition, the island hopping route makes the trip from Florida to the Caribbean a realistic possibility for those aboard sturdy power vessels that are good nearshore cruisers but that may not be suitable for a long offshore passage.We certainly do not want to give the impression that “anyone can do it” in any type of vessel, but it certainly may be much more realistic for you than you might have imagined. We recommend references and cruising aids along with suggestions for equipment to consider. In Island Hopping to the Caribbean we tell you what we did wrong, what we did right, and how we would do it differently if we did it over again. We have even included a few of our favorite recipes for your galley enjoyment. Island Hopping has turned out to be our most popular offering.

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BUY Island Hopping to the Caribbean – Florida to the Northern Caribbean