Where There Is No Pet Doctor

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Where There Is No Pet Doctor is THE reference source for offshore and nearshore cruisers and for those who find themselves in remote circumstances and needing veterinary advice when no veterinarian is available.  Whether you cruise aboard a boat or in an RV, or even if you just tend to travel, camp, or hike into wilderness terrain or remote locations, this book could be a valuable reference source for you and your pet.

Once you take your pet and leave the familiar trappings of civilization behind, you may have a sudden jolt of reality when your pet has a problem. Unlike the metropolitan or suburban environment you have left behind, much of the world does not have a quality veterinary facility on every street corner or in every town. In fact, quality veterinary care may be virtually unobtainable in many places around the world, or, if you are camping or cruising in wilderness areas, even right here at home.

Where There Is No Pet Doctor is primarily directed at the lay person with no health care or veterinary knowledge, but health care professionals from non-veterinary fields will also find useful or even lifesaving information for pets, written specifically for those with more understanding of health care principles and techniques. Where There Is No Pet Doctor is written for world travelers, foreign placement personnel, cruising sailors, RV boondockers and just about anybody who finds him or herself in that uncomfortable position of trying to determine if a health issue warrants a change in plans and a journey in search of professional help. This is the book, unlike any other, that helps you care for the health of your dog or cat and helps you try to determine when a health problem is serious when there is nobody around to ask!

There are other books out there, but this one, rather than trying to be comprehensive, attempts to leave out the rare and the unusual, and keep to the problems you are more likely to encounter. It includes those that may be unique to cruising and to the remote or wilderness tropical or temperate environment. Unlike many pet reference sources, Where There Is No Pet Doctor goes a step further and provides treatment information, a drug formulary with drug dosages, and recommendations of medications and supplies to have on-hand, most of which are readily available over the counter in many countries. In addition the drug formulary can be used when you have an appropriate drug on hand in your human medical kit but do not know a proper dosage for your cat or dog.

The book rates the procedures according to user skill level and/or risk; and it rates the supplies to have on hand according to user skill level and trip duration. It also contains a very useful chapter on how to prepare your dog or cat to meet the pet import requirements for many countries. Read what others have to say about this book.

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