What Others Have Said About Where There Is No Pet Doctor (as Wilderness Veterinary Companion for Cruisers):

(Dr. LaVigne) provides a fully stocked medical manual for cruisers with pets. (He) gives expert advice that will enable you to take emergency measures until a qualified vet can take over… breaks down the steps to providing guidance when dealing with a situation at sea…. In addition to various diseases and treatments (he) also offers preventive measures and level-headed advice once injury has occurred. – Soundings

In time of need or for insight into a pet’s health or behavior, … Dr. LaVigne’s is exactly that, the perfect companion. - Doug Allyn, Award-winning author of the Dr. David Westbrook veterinarian detective stories

….this book is actually fun to read. Moreover, it contains a wealth of information on how to keep your pet healthy in remote settings — everything from preventing parasites to removing fish hooks… This guy knows about cruising and about animal medicine. – Canadian Yachting  

Finally, a manual for cruisers with pets. Not just another ‘Fifi Goes Sailing’ book, but a book of practical skinny that you will need for emergencies… He even recommends drug dosages in a usable format. I’ve cruised with a cat aboard my boats for three decades, and this book will stay on my ready reference shelf. – Bruce Van Sant, Author of The Gentlemen’s Guide to Passages South

Unlike other pet care books, (it) takes it to the next level… totally unlike any other… We would highly recommend that before you ever set out to cruise again with pet in tow that this book goes on board as well. – Florida Dog Magazine

Sailors headed out with pets can find all sorts of helpful information in the …. Wilderness Veterinary Companion for Cruisers and Other Outbackers by Captain Doctor Dave. – Cruising World

Thank you Doctor Dave for a practical onboard resource that’s a MUST for cruisers to have aboard when traveling with their pets.  It is chock full of practical advice about dealing with the potential problems likely to be encountered where or when there is little access to professional help…. One of the resources in this book we found most helpful is the list of medications, both veterinary and human, with guidelines on proper dosing for animals…. Thanks Dr. Dave . … likely to become the pet owners’ bible for liveaboards. – www.coastalboating.net


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