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Pets On Board?  This little book is just exactly what it says it is. Pets On Board? is a book that provides information on how to help your pet make the transition to car or RV travel, or to traveling (and even living) aboard your boat. In my travels to industry and boat shows and various cruising venues, I have gotten one predominant question – “How do I get my dog to go to the bathroom aboard my boat?”  Sounds like a rather simple question, however the answer is often not as easy as it seems, particularly for the older dog. Among other topics, Pets On Board? contains a step by step training guide that may help you make that transition.

How do you get your dog to be more comfortable visiting the vet? It’s in here. How do you housebreak a puppy? It’s in here. What basic things should you take along when you leave? It’s in here. And what should you feed your pet when you take off for the long haul? Along with lots of other stuff, that’s in here, too.

Pets On Board? is primarily aimed at those who are getting ready to leave or are considering whether or not their pet should come along. There’s something here for everybody. Other questions often asked concern the preparations for moving aboard a boat or into an RV for extensive cruising, and how to get the cat or the dog comfortable with long term living and traveling aboard. What do I need to do? How can we best prepare? What do we need to take along?  These and other questions on taking your pet away from home or traveling in a vehicle or vessel are addressed in this book. Pets On Board? deals with many fundamental behavioral issues often encountered in the cruising life and offers tips, shortcuts, and some step-by-step instructions for some long term behavioral modification.

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