If a dog jumps in your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer.
– Alfred North Whitehead

This page is dedicated to a variety of items that I feel you may find of interest from any number of outside sources. The listing of these items does not constitute an endorsement of a particular product on my part but is a suggestion for the purchase and use of this or a similar type of item. I can't try out every brand of everything but I try to point you toward hopefully reliable sources that should hopefully at the least guarantee their wares and/or allow you to return an item easily should the need arise. In the spirit of full disclosure, some of these are affiliate links of, which means that I may get a commission should you decide to purchase certain items. I only recommend products and ideas that I know should be helpful but every person and every pet may have special requirements. Let me know if you have a good or bad experience with any of my recommendations or if you have found something somewhere you feel to be especially useful or of better than average quality or price. As you will notice, most of my links are for Amazon.


RuffwearDogBootsDoggy boots - If your dog has issues with weak pads or if your dog walks on coral-strewn beaches, consider some paw protection for your dog's feet. I've been told by some of my webinar participants that often dogs adjust quite readily to wearing these boots. I've heard that Ruffwear makes sturdy products; the other brands I don't know about. This link is for Amazon.



Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat


Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat - I heard great things about these doggy lifejackets from several participants in my online webinars. They're sturdy and well-constructed. They are available in several sizes and colors. Get the Hi-Vis yellow. When visibility is bad you want to give your dog that extra edge. The link is for Amazon.


pawsaboardPaws Aboard - It's a swim ladder for your dog! I've been mentioning this device to my webinar attendees for several years. It should help your canine companion get off and on board the boat, if you have the room to store it when it's folded up and not in use. Amazon reviews for this item are mixed. Some love it and some don't. Sounds like it takes some effort to install and that some big dogs have some difficulty with it.  The link is for Amazon.


PetSTEP dogrampPetSTEP folding pet ramp is great for getting pet up and down companionway steps or into and out of a car. Has a rubberized walking surface. Can use this to get pets up and down steps or up and down from furniture, etc. Lots of uses. The link is for Amazon.





floatingdogrampHow about the Dog on Water Ramp. Allows your dog to get aboard your boat from the water without steps. He just walks onto the suspended sling and steps up onto the platform. From there it's an easy step up into the boat. Comes in blue, green, or red. Also from Amazon.



collarsAn embroidered collar is one of the most important links to getting your pet back if he gets lost. Put your phone number on a highly visible collar, perhaps two phone numbers - whatever it takes to increase the likelihood of getting that all-important phone call. Give your pet the best possible chance. This link is for Amazon.


A visible, readable pet tag is the most efficient means to getting your pet back home. Combined with the embroidered pet collar, these are the most efficient means for a stranger to see that your pet needs help. Don't sell your pet short. Every little bit helps. This link is for Amazon.



DynotagsQRThe Dynotag QR tag can get your pet back quickly. Somebody finds your pet, they see the QR code on the tag and scan it with their phone. The phone can even relay the location of the tag. You just need to be certain that you register your personal information properly for it to work and make certain you keep the info updated. No subscription fees. The link is for Amazon.

FLexiPCPetIDThe FlexiPC Pet ID tag is a solidly built USB type ID tag suitable for medium to large size dogs. It's a little too big for cats and small dogs. No need to register your information with any third party. You just put the USB flash drive into your own computer and put any and all useful information that you feel might be helpful in getting your pet back. When somebody finds your dog they unscrew the tag and put it into their computer and read what you wrote. Easily updatable whenever you feel the need or get the urge. If you have dogs that chew on each other or your dog is a major league roughhouser this tag might not be suitable. It's built tough but it could be damaged. No subscription needed. You do it yourself. The link is for Amazon.

smartphonepetidtagSmartphone Pet ID Tag - another QR tag type of ID tag that can get your pet back to you with just a quick scan by the finder's smartphone. No subscription fees. All you have to do is register it and keep the information up to date. This link is for Amazon.

reddingoqrtagRed Dingo QR Tag - This QR tag is attractive and can get your pet back quite efficiently if somebody scans it with a smartphone. If you have it properly registered it will even notify you of the geographic location of the tag. No subscription fee. Just don't forget to keep the information up to date. It comes in a variety of styles. This link is for Amazon.




tickedoffTicked Off - I've removed a lot of ticks in my thirty-five plus years of practice and this is my favorite tick removal instrument. It sure doesn't look like much but it works like a charm. Pops those firmly attached ticks out with just a gentle flick. The link is for Amazon.





Restraints and Crates

PetCarHarnessPet harnesses and seat belt restraint systems for pets. If you are not going to crate you traveling pet, you should at least give it some chance of surviving a low speed crash. Check them out.

PetTravelCrateHow about pet travel crates and cages? This is the most reliable means of protecting your pet when traveling, whether by car, boat, or plane.